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We can manage your Del Cerro Rental Property
Whether you own downtown, the beach or an inland properties can take the stress of being a landlord off of your hands and maximize your return on investment. specializes in the leasing and management of individually owned single family homes, condominiums and apartments in the greater San Diego area.

Let us show you how our expertise can serve you as your Del Cerro Property Manager:

Our Landlord/Owner services include:

* Procuring Qualified Tenant Occupants
* Timely Online Rental Collections
* On-Line Maintenance Requests
* Property Inspections
* Financial (Cash Flow) Management

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Procuring Qualified Tenant Occupants

Vacancy downtime is expensive and unprofitable for all concerned. is expert at minimizing vacancy by aggressively marketing your property through our “real-time vacancy portal” that allows us advertise through over 40 separate web based and print media.

We pre-qualify all applicants to make sure they are a good fit for your property in terms of credit and background checks. We verify employment, income and carefully check references. We know good tenants will increase your return on investment and minimize maintenance, wear & tear issues for all concerned.

Timely On-Line Rental Collections

Rents are due on the first of each month and delinquent on the 3rd. 98% of our tenants pay their rent on-line through our tenant portal, therefore reducing rent delinquencies dramatically from the “old-school” regular mail approach.
Rent collection is the single most important function we provide our owners.

On-Line Maintenance Requests

Tenants have the ability to submit an online maintenance request through their tenant portal. The request ties directly into the work order system – saving a lot of time, money and owner/tenant conflict.
The economies of scale we achieve with our service providers allows us to save our owners maintenance and repair request they cannot achieve on their own.

Routine requests are prioritized and completed as needed. For major repairs we obtain competitive written estimates from multiple vendors and obtain owner approval before work is completed.

Property Inspections

Experience is that a well maintained property attracts and sustains quality tenants, who are likely to maintain the property in the same manner. Catching issues before they become a major problem is vital to keeping cost down, liabilities to a minimum and tenants satisfied.

Financial (Cash Flow) Management

Accurate and timely financial statements are important to our owners’ understanding of the operation of the properties. manages the Payable and Receivables, Vendor Management & distribution of 1099’s, Tax Compliance and filings.

If requested we can pay all property expenses for our owners, such as mortgage, utilities, property taxes, etc.
Owners receive their net rents via direct deposit for faster access to rental income and they have online access 24/7 through the Owners Login on our webpage so they can get real time data to make financial decisions. Our year-end statements make tax time simpler and more efficient for all.

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